Monday, July 4, 2011

Winner June Blog Contest!!

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my June Contest post. Pachelbel is definitely a fave, and we do it for a lot of brides. Funny story--the Canon starts with the cello alone and after 2 bars the flute enters. So that's Gregg & then me. F# is a hard note to tune for me, so I concentrate VERY hard to get it right. Well, every once in a while at rehearsal (rehearsals ONLY) Gregg'll start the thing in Eb instead of D. Hey, I don't have perfect pitch and it sounds the same, but when I come in with my F#, focusing like sumbiche, and it sounds like a minibus thrown off a cliff,and well, it's like stepping on a stair that's not there. Husbands is such fun...

And the winner of the contest, chosen by random number, is Jen B! Jen, congratualtions! Please contact me at mary @ for your prize!

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