Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February 1T Status Update

One of the things that happened last year is I went back to school to update my programming skills. But as I sit here with school cancelled due to stupidly cold temperatures, I thought I'd catch up on some writerly things.

Night's Kiss Countdown. I'm doing a monthly giveaway to get ready for the upcoming second book in the Ancient's series and the sixteenth (!) story in the Biting Love universe. We're on month #2, Biting Nixie. If you haven't read it and you enjoy super steamy, super funny paranormal romance, be sure to enter this one.

In other news
  • we have a tentative release date for Night's Kiss! More on that next month. 
  • Night's Kiss second round edits coming in March.
  • I'm 25,000 words into the first draft of Soul Mates
  • I have another project in mind to better use the small bits of time I have between classes and studying. More on that later.

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