Tuesday, October 16, 2018

3T Writing Tidbit

How to do an info dump without losing readers.

In your reading, have you ever come across what's supposed to be a lively dialogue but is really just an information dump? All authors have the problem at one time or another of how to get information to the reader. Here are some ways to do an information dump which I've ranked in my personal order of most boring to most interesting.
  • Flashback (unless revealing a telling point somewhere AFTER the reader is engaged)
  • Straight exposition
  • A follower giving a leader an update
  • A leader lecturing or exhorting a follower (you know today's battle will be fierce...)
  • An even information exchange (especially if there's some doubt as to whether it's really even)
  • An interesting activity buttressing the dialogue in the scene (bathing, eating, fighting, sex...?)
  • An interesting activity opposing the dialogue in the scene (I'm not going to tell him my secret...oh, that massage feels so nice...)
  • Banter/flirting
  • Opposing viewpoints/arguing
  • Actively discovering the information

What are your favorite ways to get information across to a reader?

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