Tuesday, July 3, 2018

1T Status Update

Summer concert season is upon us. Gregg and I are playing three nights a week, with a band concert every Wednesday and an orchestra concert next weekend. I got a new piccolo to keep up with the demand, a Powell Sonare (the 750 with those annoying rectangular keys) with resin-infused wood for outdoor summer gigs.

New first draft done! I have completed the first draft of Night's Kiss. It's got a few holes yet to fill and lots of sculpting work to be done, but the story is in place and there are some really great resonances already in. July will be several self-editing passes.

Those two items plus keeping up with the grass (I swear, the stuff grows an inch a day) will pretty much fill my time, though I'll have a story in a charity anthology called Somewhere Out There, and I hope to finish my reread of the Pull of the Moon series and start on Soul Mates.

Happy July!

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