Tuesday, March 6, 2018

1T Status Update

As the last (or one of the last) huzzah of winter strikes, giving me the twofer of joy and exercise while shoveling (I'm being sarcastic about the joy), I am really, really, really looking forward to spring.

This month:
  • Husband spotted a red-wing blackbird today! Even though white scheiss lay all about, that's a sure sign spring is around the corner. (Thank goodness. See above.)
  • Finished the second read-through of Night's Kiss. Kat, vampire hunter with a death wish for all vampires. Enkidu, vampire. Put on same page. Watch chaos ensue. Fun!
  • Both Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady and Playing With Fire: The Battle of the Bands were launched to much excitement. Thank you to my readers for helping me get the word out! 
  • Chapter One for Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady is here.
  • Chapter One for Playing with Fire is here.
  • I have another three planned read-throughs of Night's Kiss.
  • Next up after Night's Kiss is Soul Mates
  • As part of my prep for writing the final Pull of the Moon book, I'm doing a read-through and tweak of the series thus far.

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