Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 1T Status Update

All the goodies--including TWO Amazon Fire tablets--from my holiday giveaways (exclusive to my newsletter subscribers) have been awarded. If you want to get in on next year's giveaway, do sign up now, while you're thinking about it. Click here. http://www.maryhughesbooks.com/Newsletter.html I'll wait. LOL.

AAAAAAAAnd we're back (as Mike Nelson would say).

Back-to-back releases of Playing With Fire: The Battle of the Bands and Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady plus working on Night's Kiss have left little time for much else. Fortunately I've retired from my old orchestra and the new one doesn't start spring rehearsals until March(ish). Here's the bullet point.
  • Playing With Fire: The Battle of the Bands (A Starstruck Novella) is up for preorder.
  • Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady released
  • Hunt Mates (Pull of the Moon 3) is now available at all vendors
  • Night's Kiss is coming along! 70K to the crisis. The bones are in place for the ending.
  • I'm heads-down on Night's Kiss this week, but I'm taking a break next week to do taxes. This is a serious time-drain for me. Anybody else take a minimum of two complete days to do their taxes? 
  • Heart Mates and Prophecy Mates are due to come out of Kindle Unlimited in the next few months. At that point, I'm going to give them a read-through and brush-up then start Soul Mates, the final book. Or, because it's a dauntingly huge story, maybe two final books, but I'll release them at the same time.

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