Monday, July 31, 2017

SALE!! (I love a good sale, and this is great) plus LAST DAY for the Kindle giveaway. Check it out now!

It's here! THE sale event. A zillion paranormal romances for less than a slim buck each. Well, zillion might be a slight exaggeration. Many, many favorites, now at 99 cents. But click buy today, before they go up to the regular price of $3.99.


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Steamy. Crazy. Exciting. If you like staunch, powerful heroes, this is the series for you. The whole BITING LOVE series for under $10. Hurry, this won't last. Amazon | BN | EP

He’s perfect…and he’s her number one suspect.
They mix like oil and water—or like nitro and glycerin.
Times Square. New Year’s Eve. This year, it’s a Countdown to Death.
Golden, deadly vampire meets a St.-Pauli-Girl-Next-Door.
Turns out, the real show happens when the curtain comes down…
Two women, two vampires…twice the fangy HEA.
He’s the master of the podium, but she’s the master of his heart.
Even the shadows fear him—how can any woman love him?
Even Dr. Frozen thaws when passions ignite.

LAST DAY for the KINDLE giveaway!!

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