Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3T Writing Tidbit

There are five big plot points, or places where the action changes.

The last is the CLIMAX. After many defeats, there's one big moment before the climax where the main character CHANGES in a way that allows him or her to deal effectively with the main problem in the story. (Happily ever here :) )

I actually did a 3T on showing the Moment Of Change a while back. This is about the degree of that change. Something I knew for a long time but didn't have in words was the fact that the change can't be just ANY change.

It must be something that's a sacrifice in proportion to the Happily Ever After the character gets.

In other words, the Hero or Heroine MUST EARN their HEA.

What about your current story? Has your main character earned their good or bad ending?

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