Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1T Status Update June

So I've noticed I spent most of my first Tuesdays recapping where I am, writing-wise and life-wise. In recognition of that, I'm changing the 1T Olio to 1T Status Update and moving olio-ish things to the fourth Tuesday.

I know. A bit anal, but it's a way to bring at least the illusion of order to a chaotic life :)

The big news this month is I have turned in Passion Bites for first round edits. Huge weight off my shoulders because frankly, the story didn't actually start cooperating until a few weeks ago. Not to worry--some of my best stories have given me the most fits.

I have a whiteboard where I've been learning to plan my books' major stages--editing, cover creation, cover reveal, blog tour and parties. I think I have it working for me now. I'm planning Passion Bites (12/29/2015), Biting Love Nibbles paperback (the Biting Love Short Bites collection) (6/30/2015), April Fools For Love (March 2016), and Hot Chips and Sand (September 2015). Now I've put it in writing. If these dates hold, I will call the whiteboard organization a success :)

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