Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's in a name? Please help me out!

Biting the Rainbow is written, awaiting a contract. Black Diamond Jinn is nearing completion of edits for resubmission. So what's next?

I'd love to start on the next Biting Love story but I have a problem. I have a theme and some basic plot ideas and a little mini-story for the middle (Twyla and Nikos never got their happily-ever-after). But I don't have the most important element--the heroine's name.

To me, that's vital. I'm part programmer, remember. The  name is the handle by which I call the whole subroutine, or access the whole program. As a writer, the name is the letter-tag that MEANS the heroine. It should resonate with her personality, her looks, her issues.

Please help me out! In this case, I'm trying to find a handle for Twyla's second cousin, a woman who's a quarter black, has the face and body of a Scandinavian model, and is a trained physician but may have to leave the profession because people are distracted by her looks. Oh, and X's name has to be different enough from the heroines I've already introduced: Elena, Nixie, Twyla, Liese, Junior, and Rocky (whose book is after X's).

Some possible names for this character are in a poll to the right. This one you can pick multiple favorites. If you've got other suggestions, comments here are appreciated! Vote through the end of October. Thanks!


  1. First a title, and now a name? Putting us to work Hughes? ;p

    Hmmm....I think Alexis lends itself really well to pet names. Lexi, Allie are both great informals to work with. I think Natalia is a great exotic name, but if you have her interacting with Nixie too much, all the N's might get overwhelming.

    Just some thoughts. Keep us updated on the books!

  2. I would first say that I love your books and look forward to the addition in your series!

    I think you should you should use my name. Ameren. It is pronounced like Cameron but without the 'C'. Yes - it's ok that you laugh at my audacity and lack of tact (LOL), but - you see - I love my name. I love who I am. My name is an anomaly and so am I. My characteristics range from being a strong mother of five who is a former Marine and will kick anyone's ass who dares to insult my family and friends to a devoted (and a bit sarcastic) wife of a U.S Army soldier who stole my heart with the love that made me more.

    I know this is kind of fruity (maybe adding some rum will help) but I have always gotten compliments on my name my whole life. It gives me a sense of peace knowing there is only one of me and my name. I am, like you, a firm believer that names speak. They identify and even classify the person to whom they belong.

    Hope this helps and it's ok if you don't use it.....I just know that I put a smile on your face (or at least a smirk with the thoughts of 'is this chick for real?!' flagged in your cerebral cortex) for the rest of the day!

    Happy name hunting!

  3. Happy to read that Rocky will be getting her story told. Hoping there will be a heroine for Elias one day and their story.

  4. I used "face and body of a Scandinavian model" as my inspiration. My first thought was Ingrid (for Ingrid Bergman of Casablanca).

    Other ideas are Kari (sometimes a nickname of Karita, which means "love") and Tory (conqueror/victory) which can be a nickname for Thorir (meaning goddess).

  5. You are all the best! Names are usually the fun part for me in discovering a character but this tme I was coming up with bricks. So thank you for your awesome suggestions and uplifting comments! Thanks too to everyone who voted so far!

    Mrs--putting you all to work, LOL. How about "offering a strategic creative challenge"? Good point on Nat-Nixie, and thank you for the nicknames for Alexis--that would work very well with what I think the hero's personality will be!

    Ameren--thanks for the love, and I love your suggestion! I had a unique maiden name and it was a great source of comfort that I could google it and know I was probably related to all the results (also made genealogy easy :) I'm a mom of military kids so I really appreciate your and your husband's service! Kick-ass and dry humor a plus ;)

    ElizabethN--oh, thanks! Rocky and Elias are two of my favorite characters, I'm tickled you like them too. I have a definite idea for Elias, but it's a bit in the future.

    Kat--I love the thought you put into it, that's like how my mind works on names! (When my mind's working, LOL) I kick myself for missing Ingrid. The others have awesome possibilities too!


    I wish the poll gadget let me add entries without losing current votes. Please know I take all votes and suggestions to heart. There is no one "winner". When I asked who should star in the next freebie, Nixie and Julian got the most votes. But Liese and Logan were next, and so are next in line for a freebie. Then Twyla and Nikos--who are actually going to appear in X's book. YOUR EVERY VOTE IS IMPORTANT TO ME!

  6. Hi, G.H.! Oh, yes, Persephone is a gorgeous name, suggesting a strong and beautiful woman. And the mythology would certainly add a resonance to the theme. Thanks for the great idea!