Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top 10 Posts Countdown #4

Writer's cave hiatus--finishing Assassins Bite among other things. Enjoy the top 10 posts from my blog in the meantime :)

#4 Soulgirls--Las Vegas paranormal--Guest Heather Long

Paranormal romance comes in all shapes and sizes. From her Soulgirls series partying in a paranormal Las Vegas to the Fevered Hearts struggling for survival in 1850s Texas, Heather Long loves to build rich worlds populated by colorful characters. April is Heather’s birthday month and she’s celebrating a lot of new releases including A Fistful of Dreams, book four of the epic adventure series featuring the Kane and Morning Star families as well as the audible release of book 2 of her Always a Marine series, Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here. April also marks the month that Taking the Stage went on pre-order.

Don’t miss out on one exciting minute!

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  1. Wow! That's a snazzy cover. Totally caught my eye. Congrats on the new releases! What was it like hearing your book turned into an audio book?

    1. Hey Catherine, thanks for visiting! The original post was 2013 and since then she's also written Behind the Curtain, Playing Against Type and Waiting in the Wings!