Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Writing Update

Black Diamond Jinn is out in paperback! Includes a preview of Biting Oz. I navigated the waters of CreateSpace and I have to say it was as much fun as publishing an indie ebook, although a bit harder. There are trim sizes and a spine to consider as well as back copy. Also, the font doesn't automatically adjust. I took the default, Garamond 11, but it's a bit light for older eyes. Next time I'll pick something else. But the finished product is amazing! As good as any trade paperback.

Thursday I'll be at the awesome Magical Musings. Come visit for a peek at Biting Oz and a giveaway.
Friday the first chapter of Biting Oz will be featured at DRB Presents First Chapters

I'm working steadily on edits for Alphas Don't Wear Bows, and hope to finish in the next month. July I'll be planning Biting Oz's release tour--if you'd like me to come visit your blog, just let me know!

July is also when I"m planning to release Oz Bites on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Will include a preview of Biting Oz.

July 24-August 14 is the Red Hot Summer Releases! New releases from four Wisconsin authors--Carrie Lofty (writing with Lorelie Brown as Katie Porter), Amy Sandas, Renee Wildes, and me. Party August 6 at the Samhain Cafe with giveaways, chat, and more!

After that it's back to Beauty Bites, BL6. Oh, and of course August 14 is Biting Oz's release date :)


  1. Busy lady!! Love all the updates. Don't know how you are keeping track of it all. Can't wait for the next Biting Love book. I am all atwitter with vampire related happy. :)

  2. Busy? Says the woman who is whipping out thousands of words in an awesome vampire/shifter story faster that I can talk... :)

  3. I don't know about awesome, but it is finally starting to flow again. A few thousand more and I'll be ready to jump into edits. And maybe some beta reading if it is needed...