Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who moved my printer cable?

We moved house recently (right in the middle of a concert week featuring Peter and the Wolf and that &*!! bird part). Five days of intense labor later, we're completely out of the old house, completely in the new house--and I've only lost about 50% of my stuff.

Moving is a great way to find out what really matters in life. It's not always what you think. I know exactly where our computers are but am missing printer cables, a mouse and half my usb drives. I have all our cell phones but only one charger. The dishes are put away and the bathroom closet is set up (and thanks to the advice of a friend we have tp) but we have no mirrors, towel bars or tp holders. Or window miniblinds, which curtails my um, novel research. Yeah, that was one of the discoveries--window treatments are more important than I thought.

So what about you? Anything in your life that's surprisingly important...and how did you find out?


  1. I found out that one of the most important things to me is a small speaker addaptor. When I went away to school I took my keyboard. Had the plug to the wall and external speakers but the speakers didn't fit the plug in the key board. Needles to say I ran to every electronics store in the area to find one because playing on a keyboard with no sound comeing out is a strange way to be like Batoveen!

  2. Stasi, I'm so with you! Why can't they make AV equipment and electric instruments with universal plugs, like USB ports??