Monday, February 14, 2011

One Thousand Kitty Whiskers, AKA The True Story of One Thousand Kisses

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Meankitty as my guest! Meankitty is the awesome cat whose typing slave, Jody Wallace, writes wonderful fantasy and paranormal romance. They're here today to celebrate Jody's brand new release One Thousand Kisses! And if you hurry, you can still enter her contest (more details below).

Now, here's Meankitty!
Elder Embor Fiertag, Primary of the Fairy Court, didn't know that much about kittehs. He was sad and cranky and led a cat-hair free, unhappy life. When he first laid eyes on Master Fey, aka The Real Star Of One Thousand Kisses, he knew something seemed familiar about the soft, fascinating animal. Master Fey's beautiful, shiny black fur and perfectly neat, oh-so-brilliant tuxedo bib, along with neat white paws, struck a chord deep in Elder Embor's hardened heart. The two-leg's had been hardened by years of ruling the Realm all alone with only the help of his twin sister, Elder Skythia, a brash, rather barky woman who's on the kitteh watch list for possibly stepping on tails.

The fey cats who are clearly the most exalted creatures in the Earth and All Places Beyond decided the Primary must be softened if he was ever going to accept he wasn't really the one in charge of things. So
the cats struck up a plan to insert one of their favorite fairy ladies, sweet, soft-voiced Anisette Serendipity, into Embor's path so she would have a salubrious and softening effect on the grouchy Primary. Once made malleable by the nice, silky female of his own kind, Elder Embor would be more receptive to subliminal messages, suggestions, tauntings and outright directives from his superiors, the cats. It was the cats' will that this be so, and thus it was, although it did take an odd turn in the middle when Embor and Ani ran off to humanspace--not a cat's favorite litterbox, if you know what I mean--and Master Fey had to guide them back onto the right path.

PS Cats love adjectives.

Anyway, when Elder Embor first laid eyes on Master Fey, the True Hero had been enjoying a spot of cuddle time with Anisette. For some reason the woman was nervous because Elder Embor was insisting she go to the VET due to some panic attack she'd had, though Master Fey thought it was more likely the horrid VET trip was due to her unfortunate immersion in water. Elder Embor, impatient to hustle Ani to the VET, interrupted the cuddle.

The meet-cat-cute went a little something like this:
"Princess," Embor's voice called through the wood. Her stomach fluttered so hard she was surprised the cat didn't wake up and chase it. "You have an appointment."

"One moment." She hadn't chosen her prettiest blue dress because she was to see Embor today-it was because the yellow was dirty. She always combed her straight hair one hundred times; otherwise tangles overwhelmed her head. And she always dabbed perfume behind her ears and glossed her lips.
A bit breathless, she tied her hair back and opened the door. Outfitted in an off-white tunic and trousers, Embor appeared more and less intimidating than he'd been yesterday. More intimidating because his handsome face seemed drawn with displeasure. Less intimidating because she knew what he looked like naked. Courtesy of her dreams.
Much like her exchange with the cat this morning, she and Embor eyed one another without comment, the only difference being neither of them broke off to lick their behinds.

Embor finally dropped his gaze to his briefcase, adjusting his grip. "Have you breakfasted?"

"No, I-"

"Good. Gangee said you needed an empty stomach."

"This isn't necessary. I feel very much myself this morning."

He examined her from head to toe. Ani resisted the urge to fidget. Her toilette had been pointless. She'd never seen him wear anything elaborate or trendy. He wasn't the type to be impressed by fripperies, but looking her best imbued her with confidence. Yesterday he'd seen her looking her worst, and behaving worse than that.

"Have you remembered what happened before you took ill?" he asked.

Ani hadn't thought about it beyond the generalities. "It could have been as minor as a forgotten appointment. A number of things conspire to trigger a panic attack."

"Did you forget an appointment?"

"Well, no. But anxiety is hardly a rare condition in this environment." She often cared for the triplets. She often suffered through meals with the Torvals. The only unusual element in her day yesterday had been running into Embor, but she could hardly blame him for her overset.

To his face.

His stern, handsome face with kissable lips and piercing grey eyes.

She was a silly goose. That's what was wrong with her.

Embor shifted his case to his other hand. "Walk or transport?"

If they walked, it would prolong the awkwardness. Why was this man so hard to talk to? If he could answer a question in a monosyllable, he did. Sometimes he did even when he shouldn't.

If they transported, she'd get to touch him.

"Transport please." She held out her hand as something fuzzy bumped her ankles.

He's keeping secrets from you, the cat said, his mind-voice a silken whisper.

When Embor reached for her, she snatched her arm back, peering at the cat. He seated himself beside the doorjamb and stared at the Primary.

"A cat," Embor said.

"He was in my room this morning." While cats communicated in mind speech, they couldn't be addressed in mind speech, not that they'd acknowledged. Considering what the cat had just said about Embor, Ani didn't want to respond aloud.

"Why are you here, Fey?" Embor asked.

Without taking his gaze off Embor, the tom began scratching the doorjamb slowly with one white paw.


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CONTEST: At Jody's blog through February 15!

Also available in The Fey Realm series:  Survival of the Fairest

No magic for two weeks? What’s a fairy to do? Go to Vegas, of course!

Princess Talista of the fairy clan Serendipity has been sent, like all young fairies, to a remote forest in humanspace for mandatory survival training. But headstrong Tali’s got different ideas about where to spend two weeks without magic. What better place than Las Vegas to learn to live like humans, a true test of survival?

Tali might not blend, but she’d like to be shaken and stirred with stage magician Jake Story. Their attraction is instant and electric…and Tali senses there’s more to Jake’s show than flashy tricks.

Jake always knew he was different, even before he developed an unusual flair for hypnotism. He has no trouble mesmerizing the luscious Tali during act three, but the lights that appear around them when they kiss weren’t part of the program.

When the authorities from Tali’s homeland track the missing princess to Vegas, Jake and Tali end up on the run. In between magic experiments, evil gnomes and astonishing sex, Tali learns what it really means to be human—by falling in lust, followed closely by love.

But Tali’s not human. And Jake doesn’t believe in fairies. The truth will either bind them together—or tear the fairy realm apart.

Product Warnings: This title contains the following: Intoxicating sex, misuse of magic, gorgeous cross-dressers and flesh-eating gnomes.


  1. Meankitty says thanks for letting the true story be known.

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