Monday, January 24, 2011

Preorder and SAVE!!

And the big news is--Samhain's new store has Preorder!! How do I know this? I preordered Keith Melton's Zero Dog War and saved 30%. Come on. Keith Melton? A werewolf with a thing for health food, geletin wars and corporate zombies? You know you want to :)

But it gets better. Preorder Biting Me Softly in paperback and you also get 30% off! Such a deal, but it's only for preorders and new releases.

Visit the new Samhain Publishing Store today!


  1. That book looks awesome. *sigh* like I need another series, but it looks right up my ally.

    Of course it's on sale, so I must buy it right? LOL.

    Are Nixie and Bite of Silence out in paperback already too?

  2. Hey, Mrs! But think of how much you *save* LOL! Anyway, turnabout for all those titles you and Kindle Smut group hooked me on... :)

    Silence is ebook only but Fire and Nixie are both available in paperback--thanks for asking!