Monday, December 6, 2010

Anatomy of a Musician, mid-holidays

'Tis the Season...for holiday gigs. While the rest of the world might be decorating, sending cards, and digging up new recipes for that festive turkey or ham, I'm--playing. And practicing. And playing some more.

The last four days alone I've had two rehearsals and five--count 'em, *5* performances. That's not counting time at home, woodshedding any of fifty holiday pieces. My wip...excuse me, lip feels like Dr. Claw stretched it out and ran a tractor over it. My eyes aren't focusing; when I shut them little eighth notes dance on my eyelids. I've played more versions of Silent Night than it has letters.

This week: three more rehearsals and three performances (although some of them are for my husband only and I'll just drive him there and read on my Kindle). But it means I'm only taking a quick dip in the cyberwaters today before plunging back into the raging current of holiday music. Hope to see you on the other end!

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