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Crush--guest Barb Meyers!

Barb Meyers is a fellow Samhain author. She writes sweet, spicy, sexy contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and screwball contemporary fantasy--all favorites of mine, but what really caught my eye was she enjoys reading and Bejeweled Blitz. A fellow soul :) Please welcome Barb!

I started sixth grade in a new school in a small farming town in Illinois.  From the moment I stepped on the bus the first day a boy in my class developed a crush on me that lasted…well, I don’t know how long it lasted because I moved away from the area after my sophomore year in high school.

His name was John but everyone called him Pus Head.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know why he was the kid perceived to be in the unpopular group.  I remember little about him, except that he had white blond hair and a younger sister named Rainfall.

I was a deeply insecure child who lacked both self-confidence and self-esteem.  Plus I was naïve.  After being sheltered in parochial school public school was a shock to my delicate system.  Still I knew enough to scramble so as not to be one of the kids on the outer fringes of the popular group.  There were only thirty or so kids in our class, so you can imagine how the rankings went.  I ranked pretty low on the totem pole but I’d have dropped even further if I’d given John the time of day.

So I was mean to him.  I ignored him.  He made absolutely no secret of the fact that he adored me.  Everyone knew it and it wasn’t helping my status at all.  Ironic, isn’t it?  In a new school where I didn’t know anyone I should have been looking to make friends.  Instead I ran from someone who wanted to be near me.

At the eighth grade dance guess who asked me to dance?  I probably said no, but I’m pretty sure a teacher pushed me out onto the floor and into John’s arms.  Awkward!  Several of the girls told me afterward that he was looking down my dress.  Maybe he was, but there wasn’t much for him to see.  Maybe he was looking down at me hoping I’d look into his eyes for once instead of avoiding his gaze. A friend who went to college with him told me that at some point, a glass was lifted in memory of his crush on me.

What if I hadn’t been so insecure?  What if I’d given John a chance, got to know him instead of ignoring him?  Would he still adore me?  Or would he have run the other way if I ever let him see the real me, if I’d even known who I was then?

Why is it that so often we attract the kind of male attention we don’t want?  At least we think we don’t want it.  But years later, we might ask ourselves, “When’s the last time a guy acted like he adored me?”  Gosh, I miss that.

In THE FIRST TIME AGAIN, Baylee remembers the first time her high school crush Trey draped his arm over her shoulders as “the most delicious feeling in the world.”

Anyone else have a lasting impression of a crush?  Or a crusher?

The First Time Again
There’s no defense when love blindsides your heart. 
The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 3 

Once Trey Christopher was the small-town golden boy. Now he’s just another burned-out, washed-up ex-quarterback with a bum knee, a tarnished reputation, and a simple wish. To be the kind of man he can face in the mirror.

Moving back home is a start, as is hiring a down-on-her-luck local woman to help him out around his grandparents’ old homestead.

The last thing Baylee Westring wants is to clean house for a high school crush who barely remembers her name, but Trey’s money will finally top off her get-out-of-Henderson-forever escape fund.

Before she hits the road, though, Baylee’s got something for the man she still finds wildly attractive: the virginity he almost—but not quite—took during a drunken teenage party.

Neither is prepared for the emotional impact of that encounter. But just when Baylee dares to believe in happy ever after, an old enemy turns up to even the score. And Trey finds his heart left in the red zone, with his last chance for love ticking down to zero.

Warning: Contains an overeducated housekeeper who’s open to receiving a pass or two, and an ex-football player who can’t seem to stop himself from showing her all his moves.

The First Time Again now available at Amazon, BN, Samhain

Barb sent along a smokin' hot excerpt for your reading pleasure! Click here to read it.

More about Barb Meyers
I write the kind of books I’d like to read: Sweet, spicy, sexy contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and screwball contemporary fantasy. 
When not writing fiction, Dr. Seuss-like poetry or song lyrics, I put on a black cap and a green apron and supply caffeine-laced substances to addicted consumers for a world-wide coffee company. 
Things I enjoy (in no particular order): premium coffee, white zinfandel, giant Hershey bars with almonds, reading, Bejeweled Blitz, long walks, bicycling and playing tennis badly. I’m still married to my first husband, have two fantastic children and one almost perfect dog. I currently reside in Central Florida. 
Visit me at www.barbarameyers.com
Follow my infrequent posts on Twitter @barbmeyers and @ajtillock or Facebook
Read my blog at http://barbmeyers.wordpress.com/blog/

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